Kick Rats and Mice Off Your Property

Get rodent control services in Mechanicsville, VA

Rodent control is essential for any business or home. No one should have to tolerate living around mice and rats, which is why Ambush Pest Control, Inc. offers pest control services. We'll make sure your building in Mechanicsville, VA is rodent-free.

Leave rodent removal to the experts

Leave rodent removal to the experts

A rodent infestation is probably a bigger problem than you realize, which is why you'll need top-tier pest control services. Our team has years of experience in rodent control, using professional-grade equipment to exterminate pests for you.

Hire an experienced exterminator who:

  • Owns the proper sanitary gear and traps to handle the job easily
  • Finds and seals the tiny openings that rodents use to enter your building
  • Knows the trapping and baiting techniques to use in different situations

Call today to get a free estimate on pest control services for your home or business.